Fall approvals mean a busy new year.

All our licenses have been approved along with four formulas. Federal regulations require that all meads have an approved formula prior to production. We now have 18 formulas submitted. Four have been approved, four are pending further review and ten were just submitted this week. Formulas take approximately two months to be approved.

Once we got our first formulas approved we began production. So far we have a dry traditional, sweet traditional, lemon and aronia mead approved and in the tanks. We are planning to fill additional tanks in the next couple weeks. 

We have had a few mead tasting events this fall with friends and family. We greatly appreciate all the feedback we have received. We are still planning to launch a Kickstarter, but it will likely be this spring as we get ready to bottle our first commercial batches. 

Thank you for following our progress, we hope you have a wonderful holiday!