What a wonderful opening weekend!

We celebrated our Grand Opening Labor Day weekend and all we can say is THANK YOU!!! 

Thank you to all our friends and family members who helped us this weekend. We had awesome helpers pouring. Thank you Joyce, Roger, Deb, Kristy, Travis, Rita and Nan. Thank you Gina and Alan for keeping our little bee busy during the weekend event.

Thank you to all of our friends that have stuck out the past two years with us, supporting us along the way, tasting our meads and following our progress. Your consistent support has kept us going.

Thank you to all our suppliers. We cannot thank our main honey supplier Andy and his family at (Meadow BlazingStar Honey) enough for being part of our team! We have new partnerships developing with local farmers for various berries. We have fantastic neighbors who not only put up with our crazy life but help fill the meadery shop with works of art (special thanks to Marshall).

Finally thanks to all you that visited us for the first time. We love making new friends and it was exciting to meet many of you in person. If you didn't get a chance to visit us this weekend come out in the future! We appreciate each one of you for taking time to visit us.