What a wonderful opening weekend!

We celebrated our Grand Opening Labor Day weekend and all we can say is THANK YOU!!! 

Thank you to all our friends and family members who helped us this weekend. We had awesome helpers pouring. Thank you Joyce, Roger, Deb, Kristy, Travis, Rita and Nan. Thank you Gina and Alan for keeping our little bee busy during the weekend event.

Thank you to all of our friends that have stuck out the past two years with us, supporting us along the way, tasting our meads and following our progress. Your consistent support has kept us going.

Thank you to all our suppliers. We cannot thank our main honey supplier Andy and his family at (Meadow BlazingStar Honey) enough for being part of our team! We have new partnerships developing with local farmers for various berries. We have fantastic neighbors who not only put up with our crazy life but help fill the meadery shop with works of art (special thanks to Marshall).

Finally thanks to all you that visited us for the first time. We love making new friends and it was exciting to meet many of you in person. If you didn't get a chance to visit us this weekend come out in the future! We appreciate each one of you for taking time to visit us.


Visit to the Luegger Elderberry Farm

Yesterday we had a great time visiting with the owners of Luegger Elderberry Farm. We plan to include local produce whenever possible into our meads and we were excited to come across the Luegger family operation. We had a chance to check out the plants they have growing, smell the flowers and taste some delicious juice. Later this season we will pick up some berries to be used in our meads. 


A look at the elderberry bushes blooming. 

A look at the elderberry bushes blooming. 

Making progress.

The Meadery is a busy place these days. Production is currently in full swing. All of our available tanks are now full and we will be bottling the first few batches very soon. We are finalizing our label designs and making lots of plans. 

First up in the bottling line is our Dry Traditional Mead, Semi-Sweet Traditional Mead, Aronia Mead and Sweet Bee Lemon Mead. We are so excited to have our meads available soon for you to purchase. Following our first round we will be bottling Elderberry Mead, Highbush Cranberry Mead and a Chocolate Mead. 

We are also working on tasting room plans and lining up future events. Thanks for following our progress. It has been a crazy journey so far. 


Fall approvals mean a busy new year.

All our licenses have been approved along with four formulas. Federal regulations require that all meads have an approved formula prior to production. We now have 18 formulas submitted. Four have been approved, four are pending further review and ten were just submitted this week. Formulas take approximately two months to be approved.

Once we got our first formulas approved we began production. So far we have a dry traditional, sweet traditional, lemon and aronia mead approved and in the tanks. We are planning to fill additional tanks in the next couple weeks. 

We have had a few mead tasting events this fall with friends and family. We greatly appreciate all the feedback we have received. We are still planning to launch a Kickstarter, but it will likely be this spring as we get ready to bottle our first commercial batches. 

Thank you for following our progress, we hope you have a wonderful holiday!

State approvals for production are complete.

Effective October 5, 2015, we became State approved to manufacture and direct ship our mead in Iowa! This is an exciting step for us. We are continuing to work on our Class C license which has been approved by the County but requires some home renovations before we can be State approved.

We are still waiting on formula approval from the Federal Government before we can start filling the tanks. We are hopeful that will come this month for a couple of our recipes. We will submit several more very soon since they take about 70 days to process we want to get them in line.

Once approved we will start filling the tanks! 

We hope to kick off a Kickstarter campaign as well this month so stay tuned to our facebook page and website for more information.

Approved - July 30, 2015 - Things are buzzing now!

The Buzzed Bee Meadery hive is buzzing with excitement with the receipt of our Federal approval. After five months of anxiously waiting, we received an e-mail today approving our Federal permit. We are celebrating with a few bottles of mead. A 2013 semi-sweet traditional, 2013 spiced mead and a flavorful cranberry pomegranate, filled our glasses.  :)

What's next you ask?

We will be working on our formulas, labels and State approvals. Tanks should arrive soon and then we will really be ready to roll.

Stay connected as things move forward and we get closer to opening day! 

To Launch or not to Launch...

The debate was on in our home about when to launch our Facebook page since we do not actually have anything to sell yet. With some words of encouragement from American Mead Makers Association members we took the leap and hit the publish button. 

We are so thankful to the friends, family members and fellow mead makers that have chosen to follow along on our page. We still have a lot of steps to take before we have mead to share but we are excited to have you  with us as we start out. If all goes as planned we hope that mead will be available to purchase in early 2016. I know it seems like forever from now but it will be here before we know it!

Bee line to approval

It has been a busy couple months as we prepared our application for the TTB and researched our plans. We visited with a couple of local wineries recently to get some advice on equipment, process and marketing. Now we wait to see if our application will be approved so that soon we can begin making mead to share.

There is a lot left to do and steps remaining but we are excited to be making a Bee line to approval.

We are officially incorporated!

One of our very first steps in starting up Buzzed Bee Meadery, Inc. was to make those three little letters at the end of our name official. October 8, 2014 we were officially incorporated.  

Our first thought was WOO HOO! quickly followed by Now What? There are so many steps in this process that will take a lot of navigating. We hope to learn from other mead makers out there as we figure things out. Be patient, it will be awhile before we are ready to share our Meads with you. We will be looking for your support and ideas as we figure out how to be successful.