Wayne Spohnheimer, Mead Maker

As the mead maker, Wayne began this adventure with a couple of bee hives a few years ago. He quickly realized that bees make honey. What do you do with gallons of honey? You make mead of course. As a master hobbyist and full time stay at home dad, Wayne is the driving force behind the mead of Buzzed Bee Meadery.


Michelle Spohnheimer, 51

While Wayne is busy making mead Michelle works to keep all the technical stuff in order. Focused on marketing, reporting and general business management Wayne has given her the title 51 representing the percentage of ownership in the Meadery.



Victor Spohnheimer, Master Gardener

Victor has had a love for nature since birth. He is creative, very detail oriented and full of excitement. He may not be making mead yet but he does enjoy his honey.